Garage doors

Security controlled garage doors with extreme strength keep your vehicles safe and deter would be intruders from attempting to enter your property without detection.

We design and install security garage doors on the same principle as our front and rear doors and bulletproof windows. Our garage door security products are designed to look and work like any normal garage entrance, but with a greatly increased resistive strength, protection against fire and blasts, and an enhanced frame strength.
The frame of any door is its weakest point: our garage door products are fitted into the aperture using reinforced frames and multiple bolts. The bolts are long, to prevent easy drilling out, and are set into the walls of your garage at different angles to increase the holding strength of the door frame.
Our garage door security products also include remote entry and access systems, which can be personalised for your individual requirements. Keep your property safe without restricting your own access.


Macys Security has been protecting private and commercial clients for more than 20 years. Our security consultants are used by high net worth individuals in 15 countries worldwide.

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