Bullet-proof doors

Dramatically increase the strength of your home’s entryways with our bullet proof doors. Designed to withstand intense attack, they can be made to mimic real wood.

We design and install security doors for private and public clients living and working in diverse environments, with needs ranging from medium-duty protection against burglars and opportunist intruders to military-level attack prevention. Our security doors are constructed from folded steel leaves and fitted with multiple rated lock mechanisms, including reinforced locks and solenoid locks.
Our security doors are secured into the fabric of your property using multiple entry points. We use steel bolts set in different angles to protect the door from being torn out of the frame using chains and a vehicle.
All of our security doors, from the standard rating for protection against burglars and opportunist intruders to the highest possible security rating (for bomb blasts and portable rockets) can be made to look like ordinary front and back doors, or quality internal doors. We coat our security doors in a beautiful powdered paint, which can either be applied directly to the metal leaf, or to a wooden cladding manufactured specially for the purpose. The result is a door that looks perfect for its surroundings, but offers the precise level of protection you need.


Macys Security has been protecting private and commercial clients for more than 20 years. Our security consultants are used by high net worth individuals in 15 countries worldwide.

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