Panic rooms

Protect your family on the inside. Our panic rooms are designed to exact specifications and can include monitoring systems, secure phone lines and blast proof doors.

Macys Security designs and implements panic rooms for clients in countries all over the world. We have delivered specially designed panic rooms to celebrities including sports stars and politicians, and have worked inside buildings situated in every climate, every type of geography and every social setting. We’ve designed and installed concealed panic rooms, heavy duty panic rooms and bolt holes for some of the most recognisable clients in the world.
Our panic rooms can be fitted with a number of auxiliary security products, including monitoring systems, satellite phones and closed circuit TV recorders.
We build panic rooms from military grade materials, reinforced on all sides for maximum security. Our panic rooms are designed to provide a standalone, secure location within an already secured property, bringing an extra level of security to your family.


Macys Security has been protecting private and commercial clients for more than 20 years. Our security consultants are used by high net worth individuals in 15 countries worldwide.

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